Hey folk of the interweb realm! Specifically those of you whom reside in Iceland, or have travelled to Iceland, and most specifically, in April. Bonus points if you’re a backpacker. And 100 points to Gryfinndor if you brought/lived in a tent for however long your stay [in iceland in April] was.

After a bad breakup I decided the best thing to do was to head to the Google flights map and window shop. Except here’s the thing with windows that are actually the internet which contains purchasable things and me when I’m capricious and generally impulsive enough when not emotionally overwhelmed: I’m an idiot.

I found out about 40 seconds after I booked my flight, that iceland is crazy expensive. So I immediately crossed hostels off my budget list, and purchased a 1P tent.
Free/cheap hot spring recommendations, welcomed.

40 seconds after that, I discovered it’s still very much winter in Iceland in April, and the summer tent I just purchased might have been a terrible idea.
Exactly how wintery is Iceland in April?
Back-up cheap hostel/ you[r friends] couch recommendations welcomed. 

Thinking I could summit something high, I discovered that Icelands high points are below 2500m.
And most of the roads are closed?
Especially to Thórsmörk?
And the highest summit (Hvannadalshnjukur) should only be done with a guide?

Things I don’t have:
Time: I have 6 days, and a manual   car    I don’t know how to drive.
Money: because life.
A girlfriend: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Info I could reallyreallyreally use :
Can I climb the highest summits, alone and survive a night in a tent?
How much snow is typically on the summits?
Are crampons necessary and where can I rent/borrow a pair?
The best, accessible 2 day hike,
preferably a loop, but as long as I can do the hike in 2 days, I don’t mind walking back the way I’ve come.
Best trails, I’m aiming for at least ten great ones, bonus if they involve a mountain, priorities go a little something like this: mountains>life.
Trail maps
Trails that are closed/open in April
Free camping sites
 although, I aim to just camp on the trails I walk? 
Road information, because my shitty rental caaaaar

***Any advice you have for budget backpacking/trails/mountains/cool and free adventures/etc

50 bonus points to Gryfinndor for LGBT community places/hangouts not entirely important because I’ll be a dirty hobo anyway.

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