“What Are You Going to do in Whitehorse?!”

Within 40 days I had thought, packed and moved to Whitehorse, YT from Gravenhurst, ON. It took 6 days, and approximately 600 mental meltdowns. No biggie, hey?

I didn’t recognize how settled into Muskoka I was, until driving 5,300 km’s across Canada. 9 years ago, I’d take a backpack on a whim and leave, intending to be away for a week, but end up staying wherever I was for months on end. I was young and drunk on angst, avoiding my emotions and well, alcohol. Punk rock.

But then I turned 19, and like most young, idiot adults, I assumed I knew everything there was to know about life so, what do you do when you already know everything and feel like you should pass on all this almost-unobtainable knowledge of the universe? HAVE BABIES! Or, at least one baby. So like the real smart adult I was, instead of considering finances and other adultythings, I planned out the narrow window that would produce a LEO and GOT DOWN TO BUSINESS.


I know, all this logic is blowing your miiiiinnndds.

AND BAM! Business was done! I was pregnant.

Aziza is the best [human [or otherwise]] thing to ever have happened to me. So it makes sense, as a good parent, to rip everything she loves into tiny shreds and pack her, a big doggo and a weeks’ worth of snacks into our SUV and move to Whitehorse!

But for reals. You know that feeling when you’re like, 16, and your boyfriend breaks up with you and you think it’s the end of the world and you cry for 2 nights straight while listening to emo music as your heart cuts itself out of your chest? Well I had to watch my 8 year old go through that feeling. There were many nights she wailed herself to sleep in my arms. I would run my fingers through her hair until her sobs turned into light snoring, then creep into the next room and bite my fist as I bawled my eyes out.

Parenting is hard.

And now we’re in Whitehorse and she’s happier than ever! She’s climbing MOUNTAINS with me, building new friendships, and learning a completely new culture. As a parent, it was extremely difficult to not know if I was making the right decision. A common internal battle, but this time, it was MOVING ACROSS CANADA and not being able to just, move back and make a potentially terrible decision disappear if I offered her enough candy or late night cartoons. This was going to effect her for the rest of her life.


So, needless to say. My infrequently updated travel blog, will be even less frequent, because I won’t be travelling for the next billion lifetimes. BUT I DON’T NEED TO. All the mountains I want to climb are right here. So stay tuned suckers, because I’ve already almost killed us once in this great wide Whitehorse wilderness.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



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