Top Surgery, a Call For Your Help

Hey Everyone!

As most of you are aware, I’ve officially been APPROVED for TOP SURGERY! (Oh.My.God!)

This means the Yukon government is going to pay for my flight to British Colombia and the actual Surgery procedure! Without this funding, I would likely never be able to afford to have top surgery. My gratitude is infinite. I don’t need to detail my experience/ my dysphoria here; if anyone wants to connect and chat about this, I am-so very open- to creating a dialogue about my non-binary/trans journey.

However, they only help with 75$/day (after day 2), for all other costs. Other costs for me will be having to stay in Vancouver for 5-7 days post-op; food; medical supplies; pain medications, etc. As I compile the costs, I will detail them below.

I will have the exact surgery date within ten days, or so the DR has told me, but it’s the general estimate is within the next 6-12 months.  Within the next 1-3 months I will be flown to BC for the consultation; which the flight is covered to Vancouver, but my travels to the Burnaby clinic, and all other costs, are not.

My daughter will not be able to come with me, because I simply cannot afford to pay for her to be with me. This is the biggest stressor I have about going through this surgery. I just moved to the Yukon, where I knew 0 humans, and now, only a handful of humans. Who will be here for her? How will I care for her when I won’t be able to care for myself post-op? My dogs?

The recovery time is 4-6 weeks, and given my [very] physical job, it will be at least 6 weeks for me to return to work.  I do not have the luxury of benefits to help. I do not have financial assistance, I work hard to pay for [the INSANE] costs of living here.

This GoFundMe, is simply to help with these myriad costs. After moving across the country 3 months ago, I have depleted all savings.  I didn’t expect surgery to be this soon.

Please, if you can, be a part of and help me, and my little family,  through this transition. Share this with your friends and families.

If I raise enough money, I would like to bring my daughter and have her by my side through this.

Thank you sweet babies!

Costs(taxes/fees not included):

1. Z’s Flight with local Air North, for 2 return tickets:                      $728
2. Skytrain from Vancouver Airport to Burnaby twice return:      $31.80 with Z: $63.60 
$20/day food budget/week for me:                                                       $145     with Z:  $210.00
Cheapest motel close to burnaby hospital is                $220/night: $1540
(Hope to not pay that/night, but travel costs to
hospital and back for a cheaper night have to be
considered. Will be looking into AIRBNB and such
when confirmed date is given)
Medications/supplies:                                                                               $150                              

                                                                                                       TOTAL : $1900    with z$2600

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