Mt. Kirkjufell, Iceland, a Gallery

April 2018

Mt. Kirkjufell should not have been climbed this time of year. I DO NOT recommend this. The soggy grounds, still in the grips of winter, combined with the unpredictable Icelandic weather, make this climb a very dangerous one.

However! I firmly believe I experienced Iceland’s best week of weather. With maybe 10 minutes of rain all week, and sun the entire time, IN APRIL, I was very lucky (because I slept in a tent or my rental car)!

I was completely unaware that there were rope sections to MacGyver during this climb, and was completely unprepared when I got over half way up and encountered my first one. Shaking, I attempted, but retreated to a steady rock, ready to admit my defeat. Just then, two wonderful humans appeared and suggested we all go at this together, safely. And so we did! Three sets of intense ropes later, we made the Kirkjufell summit. The views, are jaw-dropping.


+Trail is easy to lose in many spots. If you find yourself scaling a tiny section with a flock of 5,000 angry gulls swarming you, RETREAT, this is the WRONG WAY.
+Be mindful of your feet. The scree and narrow foot paths, make it easy to tumble to your death.
+CHECK the weather. This takes a few hours to navigate, and you want a good, clear, DRY, window. Otherwise, it’s too dangerous.
+If you’re not comfortable scaling ropes, go at this with another person

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