Abuse is sometimes cunning,like a mischievous fox whoby morning leaves you wondering just where it isyou left your right shoe.Or glove. Or the logical side of your brain. Abuse is also quiet,like the great Yukon grizzly whosleeps away the coldest months,tucked somewhere no one would suspect butusually,far too close for comfort. If only we knew. … More THE SUMMER I MISSED THE WILDFLOWERS

“What Are You Going to do in Whitehorse?!”

Within 40 days I had thought, packed and moved to Whitehorse, YT from Gravenhurst, ON. It took 6 days, and approximately 600 mental meltdowns. No biggie, hey? I didn’t recognize how settled into Muskoka I was, until driving 5,300 km’s across Canada. 9 years ago, I’d take a backpack on a whim and leave, intending … More “What Are You Going to do in Whitehorse?!”


After a bad breakup I decided the best thing to do was to head to the Google flights map and window shop. Except here’s the thing with windows that are actually the internet which contains purchasable things and me when I’m capricious and generally impulsive enough when I’m not emotionally overwhelmed: I’m an idiot.  … More ICELAND IN APRIL?