After a bad breakup I decided the best thing to do was to head to the Google flights map and window shop. Except here’s the thing with windows that are actually the internet which contains purchasable things and me when I’m capricious and generally impulsive enough when I’m not emotionally overwhelmed: I’m an idiot.  … More ICELAND IN APRIL?


Luna has grown tired of whimpering around the little fire I’ve made; in dog years, it’s been a whole 10 minutes. I reluctantly pull my gaze from it’s crackling undulations; to keep going, to, for fuck sakes, keep up! I find the largest slab of rock and tug it from the freezing November earth, it … More “Come”

Volcan Tajumulco

Jumping off back of chicken bus #2 at 9:45 am, 3000m above sea level and it’s -really- hot. Probably because I’ve been traveling since 3:45 a.m with fleece pants and a thermal top on, but also because it’s already 30 degrees and I’ve been sandwiched against a rickety bus window and two other locals on … More Volcan Tajumulco